Read before you Think on a book delivery cart Roger's Idiosyncratic Book Reviews: From Bacteria to Bach and Back This book also spends a lot of time on the development of language. This would normally be an interest of mine, as I’m fascinated by the implacable, ceaseless nature of human babble creation. But I found the arguments here to be more prescriptive than I’d like, as they focused (again) on our superiority in developing language and how it uniquely equips us for the world.
Alogorithm displayed on a computer screen Roger's Idiosyncratic Book Reviews: The Master Algorithm

                               He ( the author) thinks that you and I and anyone else reading

                               this book have the potential to find this master algorithm

                               and ensure the future of the world.

By Roger Strukhoff

Reading Books in comfort with a cup of tea at the reader's side Reading Books: “It's like déjà vu all over again”, Yogi Berra

                                                           We Don't Know What We Don't Understand

By Roger Strukhoff

We all should read more books, or at least I should.

A very stupid article on the Forbes magazine website this week that complained about having to pay taxes for public libraries spawned an enormous outrage that led to the article's deletion and also led me to think that I should read more books, and report on them.