Containers stacked on a port dock at night with loading boom crane Disrupt or Be Disrupted – Transportation String a series of 5G transmitters along with a major highway and connected vehicles become more plausible. They can also be accessed to provide super-high-speed connectivity to more-modern manufacturing (ie, Industry 4.0) facilities. Aside from cars and trucks, the potential of better bandwidth can also enable trains and aircraft to communicate real-time telemetry and dynamics to wherever they need to go.
 v Cloud: Amazon's (AWS) is Devouring Available Global Cloud Market Share From a germ of an idea, ( okay not a germ, rather a blinding committee insight) Amazon's 2006 launch of AWS has launched a subsidiary with potentially more growth potential than the mothership. Consider that retail ecommerce is potentially finite while data generation and idea storage retrieval for transmission may be infinite. "Cloud Computing and Hosting Services is a giant emerging business of magnitude. Consider. " But market leader Amazon maintained its dominance as its market share nudged up a percentage point to 34%.  The 800lb fist pounding Gorilla - AWS remains bigger than its next four competitors combined."   The (2017 Q2 50% growth) in cloud services is pretty mindblowing..."
Digital Transformation-AI enabled Personal Assistants in the Home, on mobile device Disruption! (And Why You should DX…) “Do I want my company to be on the menu or on the table”, is more than a catchy phrase. In an age of digital disruption as a result of the 4th Industrial Revolution upturning, every industry's established legacy platforms in manufacturing, services, and retail, DXPlanet's senior contributing editor, lifelong change agent enthusiast, and digital scribe describes what the Global 2000 are confronting in terms of impact.   "The facts are ominous: 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies in the 1950s no longer exist, and 50 percent of the Global 2000 from just 20 years ago have either been bought out or no longer exist."
Female in shopping aisle reaching to the top shelf for a grocery item Disrupt or Be Disrupted – Consumer Goods and Services The concept of disrupt or be disrupted explores the often virtual blood bath that is consumer goods and services, now the subject of etail and ecommerce. The catchy summation is Who Knew Amazon wanted to be a grocer? "Consumer goods and services companies fill 362 seats within the Global 2000 amphitheatre, and are the most likely to kill one another during any given performance. If you like brutality, then this is your business."
Computer screen showing lines of HTML Code Disrupt or Be Disrupted – Financial Services Digital Disruption is a potent force of social and economic change impacting all global business. No more so than in the emergence of FinTech and the future of Financial Services globally is under the microscope in this industry change overview. "Nothing, short of an economic meltdown and consequent transformation of the world into something akin to Cormac McCarthy's world in “The Road” will seriously impede the continued, highly automated global trading in securities, commodities, currencies, and the infinite derivatives that can be generated from them. There are 577 financial services companies listed within the Global 2000, and this group is the most agile -- and the most determined among all large incumbent enterprises to stay in business."
Computer Chip on Small Holder Global Industry Disruption and the Big Seven "The Big Seven are the industry sectors that underpin our shared, interconnected global economy. This article documents and projects with some concern where the pain points are and will help to identify the pending impact if too many missteps occur in a global trading economy. "Over the past year, I've been researching these enterprises and how they're embracing today's technology trends. My focus is based on their raw scale and power. Taken together, these behemoths control about two-thirds of the world's economy, employ millions, and create exponentially more jobs and economic activity throughout their intertwined ecosystems. Their average size is US$11B annually. The top companies are in the $400B-$500B range, with revenues similar to the GDP of some of the G20 nation-states." Roger Strukhoff analyzes the Big Seven Industry Sectors undergoing massive digital disruption.
How Humanlike Will AI Robots Like Sophia Become? ROBOTICS: How Humanlike Will AI Robots Like Sophia Become? In a few short years, perhaps measured in months, the most prized gift at Christmas or its cultural derivative around the world will be the gifting of a personal service robot. A professional assistant robot manufactured in human-like responsive form factor including emotive audio for the home or office, should centralized HQ offices continue to exist in the 4th Industrial Revolution's Gig Economy. A couple of selections of thought leading articles that chart the philosophical as well as economic impact of the rush to robotic advantage, soon to replace mechanical advantage in industry lexicon. "Robots are emerging in the adult sex industry, and they have long been a mechanical - electrical machine-like arms on the manufacturing floor. Tomorrow's robots are taking on a human-like resemblance, among many new developments in robotics. This selected article for your consideration explores the issues."
Large drone with a video camera suspended underneath between the landing legs. Autodesk has partnered with 3DR to develop drone laser scanning

Construction Workers Operates Drone on a construction site.


Drones in construction bring a whole new meaning to the concept of a bird's eye view of anything.

This is especially true of construction sites located around the civic corner, or deep in the remote areas of the world where big project budgets are at risk and progress needs monitoring from afar.