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Mobile device equipment connected to sendors BLOG: Edge Computing & Internet of Things (IoT), Becoming Prevalent Technologies DXPlanet Blog contributor, Amy Spellmann, on IoT & Edge Computing Amy is a specialist who shares insight into the demands on hardware, and cloud merchants, IT buyers and implementation teams in keeping up with the huge growth in data handling and business processes. Today, this includes the increasing data demand coming from IoT among many accelerants and advises on keeping an eye on how not to tip over the enterprise while preparing for what's coming next.
Server Room Cabling Cloud Migration Approach: Forethought versus Afterthought

                                     We find about 76% of organizations use two or more steps for

                                    cloud migration to eventually get to the most cost-effective, 

                                    performance enhanced, secure, and efficient workload environment

Robot Assembler Working on Factory Floor -Robot Assembler Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash The Robots are Coming To Assist Humans "Drawing from research at leading universities, government labs and institutes, robots can perform many procedures that previously were only possible by humans.  However, dexterity of human limbs if hard to emulate, accounting for jerky robot movements that are prone to performance failure.   Furthermore, humans are still needed to design, program, maintain, monitor and all importantly, repair, automation tools."
New Collar Worker “New Collar Workforce” Skills Hold the Key to Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0

                   The lack of skilled a US workforce may hinder adoption

By Sarah Boisvert @FabLabHub

In 2016 HP unveiled its highly anticipated production-level 3D printer at SME’s annual RAPID conference.